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HONK! HONK!  We're Pilgrim Geese.
geese.jpgThe calm, personable Pilgrim is the only breed of domestic geese in which the gender of both goslings and mature birds can be distinguished by their color.  Day-old males are silvery-yellow with light-colored bills.  In contrast, the females are darker olive-gray and have darker bills.  Adult males are mostly white, typically with a gray rump (which is covered by the wings) and traces of gray in the tail and wings.  Mature females are gray with a varying amount of white on their head around the bill.  Bills and legs are orange in both sexes, while the eyes are blue in males and brown in females.
Pilgrims are hardy, docile, good foragers, excellent parents and make fine medium size roasting birds.  Most geese weigh 12-13 pounds but up to 16 pounds is acceptable.

Quack! Quack! Below is my Runner Duck collection.

Indian Runners are a very special breed of domestic duck. When they were first imported into Europe nearly two hundred years ago they attracted attention because of their tall, upright bodies and their incredible reputation for egg-laying. They had been found in the East Indies, from which they get their present name, but were referred to as ‘Penguin Ducks’ by Dutch explorers and some of the early importers.

The Silver Gray Dorkings are a very old breed known even to ancient Romans.  They are very docile and friendly. The males are silvery-white and black; with white and ashy-gray for females. They have a fifth toe and very short legs.

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