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The new Mini-Milk Breeds


In the last five years or so some goat breeders started to experiment with making the regular milk breeds smaller.  There was and is a demand for a smaller size to be more easily handled by kids, the elderly, and those with small acreage.  It was hoped that the milk production could be kept high.  The new breeds were to look like their counterparts as near as possible.  Juliet, pictured left, is an example of what a second cross looks like.  She is 75% Nubian and 25% Nigerian Dwarf.

Glory B is a first cross (50%-50%) with blue eyes and pictured here at 20 months old.  I have been working on the Mini-Nubian for 4 years now and I have seen my first two freshenings with good udders and plenty of milk.  It is a slow process especially since I had only two Nubian does to use for bloodlines.  I also do not breed any does under 15 months of age....I feel they need the extra time to grow and develop their bodies.  It has paid off in easy births, good mothers, and no problems.  The above insert picture of Glory B shows her airplane ears and lovely blue eyes. Mnglorytestt.jpg - 28kb

The first cross in creating a Mini-Nubian is a Nubian doe to a Nigerian buck, this gives you a 50-50% offspring.  Pictured to the left are the two goats I started with here at Merrythought Farm, Zulu and Dahalia.

Samson, pictured above, is a 75-25% and will sire the rest of my Mini Nubians. We're finally ready to move on to 2nd and 3rd generations.
You take the offspring of your first 50-50% cross and cross it back to a Nubian which gives you a 75-25% cross.  This is still considered the first generation because you went back to the original breed.  You may cross again (75-25% X 50-50%) to get a 62-38%. I have found in the last year or so that I prefer the 75-25% and so that is primarily what I will be breeding.

You will find that keeping the Nubian ears is a problem.  If we are going to call this goat a Mini-Nubian, then I think it should look like a Nubian, only smaller.  You may have a darling little one born with long nubie ears laying flat to his head and in the weeks to follow, to your horror, you will see them rise to airplane position.  Geezh!!  Pictured here with her two spotted girls is April Morn, a 75-25% blue-eyed Mini-Nubian Doe.




This lovely standard Nubian buck, Tex-Dan, was used for two breeding seasons on April who is a 75-25%.  This gave me a higher % of Nubian than I wanted, but oh my, could he throw the SPOTS!  I love spots and couldn't resist.  This year Laura will be smaller but Lacey will be too big for a Mini-Nubian.  She will make someone a terrific family milker if I can bear to part with her.  The only thing they didn't get was their Mother's blue eyes.  We can't have everything.

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