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Nestled in the beautiful Hills of the Arkansas Ozarks
I am a single Mom and Grandmom who retired and moved to the beautiful Hills of the Arkansas Ozarks.  I bought the 56 acres in 1987 but did not move here till 1990.  We built the barn first so I would have room to store all my "collectibles" as there was no house.  I put an old trailer here and one week a month I came down from Illinois and worked brush-hogging and building fences.  I had a handyman or two.
Most of my acreage is pretty vertical, except for the point on top of the ridge, where I am.  You can see Forever from here.  In the Fall the forested ridges are decked out in unbelievable colors.  The storms and mists roll down the valleys and you can see them coming for miles.  The nights are adorned with wild turkey calls and conversing coyotes and foxes.  I have seen a few bears around but thankfully not on my property.
p1pic22b.jpgThere is a big barn with a loft and 4 - 12x10' stalls.  Each of these stalls can be made into two if needed.  I have a feed room and a milking room in the barn. There are also 2 chicken houses, a duck house, and a goose house on the property. The last two years I have built a garage-machine shop with a buck barn under one end where the ground drops off.  I now have a water heater and shower in the shop for the goats.  It is wonderful.!  The sign on the barn says "Never enough Thyme"....too true.
Many people have asked about the "Merrythought" name.  There is a Teddy Bear Co. in England by that name.  It is taken from the "Old English" which means "Wishes come true" or sorta like getting the big end of the wishbone.  Since I had waited a good part of my life for this place I felt the name was fitting.

My mischievous house pets

Foxy Lady!

Foxy Lady (welsh corgi) enjoys playing around the house with her pink ducky and would never dream of digging around for trouble.  Wait!  Is that Foxy Lady with her south end going north?
Trudy and Bess!

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"All grown up!"
These adorable Calico girls were born 4-1-02, Bess is the lighter one and Trudy is the darker one. They're great entertainment but at times I find myself asking them...... "Isn't it time for a nap?"
I presently raise 2 breeds of goats:  Fainters and Mini-Nubians.  In the past I have had Oberhaslis, Pygmy, Pygora, Nigerian Dwarves, and Kinder goats; also Jacob and Barbado sheep.
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